Preparing Your Home Before You Go On Vacation

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Planning a vacation is an exciting time for anyone. If you are looking forward to going on a trip, one of the biggest things you have to do ahead of time is make sure your home is secure. This allows you to enjoy your vacation while you are gone knowing your home is safe and secure. There are over 2 million home burglaries reported each year with about 30% of those entering through an unlocked door or window.

Of course, you will probably make sure everything is locked up before you leave, but there is a lot more to securing your home before you leave to go on vacation. Here are four ways to ensure it is done properly: 

1. Don't Let Them Know You're on Vacation

If you really want to attract burglars to your home while you are gone, then make it look like your home is vacant. Chances are, this is the last thing you want to do when you are on vacation. Thieves can be very smart. When they see newspapers and mail piled up over an extended period of time, it makes sense that no one has been there.

Instead of showing off that your home is vacant, make sure you let the post office and newspaper company to hold your stuff until you get back. You also want to keep your landscape manicured by having your grass mowed while you are gone. 

2. Get a House Sitter

While it may seem like an unwanted expense especially since you will be heading on vacation soon, hiring a pet sitter could end up saving you thousands of dollars. When you have a house sitter there to watch the house, you can feel confident that your home will remain secure. House sitters can also be useful for a number of other things while you are on vacation. They can grab your mail, water your plants, and even care for your pets. 

3. Don't Show Off on Social Media

Social media can be a great way to share details about your life, but when it comes to advertising that you're on vacation, it can be dangerous. You never know who is lurking and can see that you will be away from home. Posting pictures of your trip is a clear sign that your home is vacant and can be robbed easier. If you want to post pictures and talk about your trip, make sure to do it when you get back home. 

4. Make Sure the Security System is Working

In order to fully protect your home, you need a great security system that alerts the authorities if there is anything suspicious. The best way to do this is to find a professional locksmith to install a security system designed to meet your needs. While at it, have them check the locks to ensure there are no issues with them. 

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