Preventing Burglars From Getting Into Your Home Through Your Doors

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The entryways of your home can be an easy way to get in if a burglar can find some way to manipulate the locks. By understanding how you can protect your keys and the locks, you have a better chance of preventing someone from getting into your home.

Protect House Keys

Gaining access to your home is easy if the burglar can get a copy of your house keys. For this reason, you want to avoid leaving spare keys around your home, even if you hide them. Some burglars will look in a number of known hiding spaces to find these keys.

Unfortunately, technology is making it easier for people to copy keys without ever getting hold of them. For example, one online company will make a duplicate key from a photograph and then mail it to the person that ordered the key. To help prevent this from happening, you want to carry your keys in a purse, backpack or pocket. When you are at work, it is best to store your keys in a drawer, since this will prevent people from being able to take a photograph of it.

If you have misplaced your keys for a couple of hours and then they turn up, it is generally a good idea to have a locksmith rekey your locks. Rekeying them makes it impossible for someone to use a copy of your old keys to get into your home. In most cases, your keys were just lost, but it is better to change the keys, so you know your house is safe.

Use Keyless Entry System

Another way to protect the main doors into your home is to consider a keyless entry system. This type of system is harder from burglars to get past, since most of them require a pin code. Many of these systems do not have a spot for a traditional key, so a thief cannot pick the lock either.

Most keyless systems work similar to a security system panel. The lock will give you a specific number of tries before it locks up, which means it will not unlock even with the correct code. Some systems even send texts or emails to your phone if someone enters the wrong code as well.

Unlike a traditional house lock, you do need a locksmith to install a keyless system. Since the system uses electricity and you must follow the manufactures guidelines perfectly, it is best to have a professional install it. The locksmith can also show you how to program a new code, so that you can change the code every few months to protect your home further.

When you want to keep burglars from getting into your home through a door, it is best to know how to prevent them. Protecting your keys or changing to a keyless system is only two ways. You can also consult a locksmith to see if they have other options in your area. Talk to experts like Ottawa Key Shop for more information.