Steps To Take If You Lock Your Keys In Your Vehicle After Shopping

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If you spend some time in a supermarket or mall and come back to your vehicle to discover you had locked your keys inside, you are likely to want to find a way to gain entry as fast as possible so you can bring your purchases home as you had intended. There are a few steps you should take after you find out your vehicle is not accessible. Here are some tips to use if you find yourself in this type of predicament.

Try Your Best To Keep Your Cool

Instead of making a dramatic scene in trying to break into your vehicle, it is best to remain calm so you do not gain attention from others in the parking area. This will ensure you do not fall a victim to a theft as you will be quite vulnerable without a secure location for your belongings. Instead, make gestures that you had forgotten something inside of the store and walk away from your locked vehicle so others do not realize you are having trouble getting inside.

Alert Customer Service About Your Problem

It is best to let the customer service desk of the business you had visited know about your situation. This way, if you are unable to remove your vehicle in a timely manner, they will be able to check on its condition to help keep it from becoming damaged in your absence. They may also be able to make recommendations regarding where you can find a locksmith for vehicle in the area. This will also save you from being towed away due to parking in the lot after hours. The store may also watch over the items you had purchased if you need to leave to get help in getting a key to get in your vehicle.

Make Phone Calls To Track Down Assistance

If you are parked in the lot during normal business hours, you may be able to get a hold of a dealership in the area that will be able to provide you with new keys to get inside of your vehicle. This would require you to call a taxi to get to the business to pick up keys. You will also need a form of identification showing the dealership that the vehicle does indeed belong to you. If the lockout occurs during off-hours, or if a dealership is unable to get you keys made in a prompt manner, a call to an auto locksmith would be best. They will immediately dispatch someone to the scene to get you back inside your vehicle in a timely manner.