3 Tips For Keeping Track Of Your House Key

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If you find yourself constantly misplacing or forgetting your house key, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to help you keep up with it. If so, use one or more of the following tips for keeping track of your house keys.

Hang It Next to Your Front Door

One way you can always know the location of your house key is to hang it right next to your front door. The hanger can be something as simple as a hook screwed into the wall, or it can be something elaborate like a corkboard organizer with key rings on the bottom.

As soon as you enter your home, hang the key up. Doing this lets you know that you key is always accessible when you are ready to leave the house.

Attach the Key to a Lanyard

Another thing you can do to keep track of your house key is to attach the key to a lanyard, especially if you tend to misplace your key while you are outside of the home. As soon as you leave your house, put the lanyard around your neck.

When you get home, hang the lanyard on your inside door knob. Having it placed right on the door helps you remember to take it with you. If you have pets that may take off with the key, put a hook in the center of the door where they cannot reach it.

Give a Spare to Two Trusted Neighbors

As a precaution, have a locksmith make copies of your house key. Then, select two neighbors whom you trust to keep the key at their place. This way, you know you can still get into your home if you ever lose your key while shopping or at work.

Make sure you give the key to two different neighbors, if possible. If you only give a copy to one, lose your key, and they are not home, you would have to wait until they return. Giving it to two individuals increases the odds that someone will be home if you ever need to get the key from one of them to gain entry into your house.

Using the tips above can help you always know where your house key is located. For more tips or to have copies made, contact a locksmith who can give you advice and make distinctive copies of your key so you always have spares.

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