Ways To Organize Your Gun Safe So That You Can Access It Quickly

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Many people buy firearms for home defense, but it's also important to invest in a quality safe in which to hold your firearm. While you might like the idea of keeping a gun at arm's length when you sleep, for example, there are risks to doing so. A better solution is to always keep your firearms securely locked in your safe, but organize the safe so that you can access it quickly if you ever need to do so — even in the dark. Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you won't have trouble retrieving a gun if you hear an intruder in your home:

Make It Accessible From The Bedroom

Given that many break-ins take place during the night, you'd theoretically be in bed if someone were to get inside your house. This means that your gun safe needs to be positioned in an area in which it's accessible from the bedroom. You may want to place the gun safe in the bedroom itself; a tall safe can sit in the corner of the room, while a handgun-sized safe could sit on your bedside table. The walk-in closet is another option, provided that you think you could get to the safety in a timely manner.

Keep It Highly Organized Inside

Gun safes can get cluttered inside, especially if you have a lot of items stored in the safe and put things back in the safe in a rush. You always want to keep the interior of the safe highly organized so that you can retrieve whatever firearm you wish to use. One strategy is to identify one of your firearms that you'd likely reach for in the event of a break-in. This could be a tactical shotgun or a pistol, for example. Endeavor to always keep this weapon when you can grab it with the lights off. One approach is to store the weapon in a holder on the inside of the safe door.

Avoid Placing Things Between You And The Safe

Another way to quickly access to the safe is to always have a clear path between you and the safe. This can take some effort, but it can make a difference in the protection of you and your family. For example, even if the gun safe is just a few yards away in your bedroom, it will be difficult to access quickly if you've leaned a couple suitcases against it after getting home from a trip. Plan to keep any obstacles that could interfere with your ability to open the safe and retrieve your firearm well out of the way.

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