Tips For Not Getting Locked Out Of Your Car

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Even if you have never locked yourself out of your vehicle just yet, you should still make sure that you are taking some time to learn some tips that will help make sure that it never happens in the future. After all, the last thing you would want is to be locked out of you car, especially if you are not sure how you would get back in it without having to call for help. Should you ever need assistance, you can always call for the help of a professional locksmith.

Have A Spare Key Under Your Vehicle

Making a spare key for your vehicle is important and many people might already have a spare. However, if it is not with you, you will not be able to use it to get back into the vehicle as quickly as you would like. The best thing to do is to place the spare key inside of a small magnetic spare key holder. You can then place that magnetic key holder under the car where it is out of sight from anyone that glances over at your vehicle. Should you need to retrieve the spare key in front of other people, make sure that you are not putting it right back where it was. You will want to keep moving the location of the key so it will not be easy for people to find.

Never Exit Your Vehicle Unless The Keys Are In Your Hand

Don't make the mistake of getting into the habit of throwing your car keys in your purse or pocket and then getting out of the vehicle. The reason for this is because you might get sidetracked, assume that you put the keys away, but then find that you have locked yourself out of the car because they are actually still in the ignition. Therefore, you will want to make it a habit to have the keys gripped in your hands before you exit the vehicle, as it will be much easier to notice that you don't actually have the keys with you before you get out and shut the door. Once you are out of the vehicle, you can then toss the keys in your purse or pocket.

The more creative you are and the more planning you put into this, the less likely it is that you are ever going to lock yourself out of your vehicle.