Don't Play Hide And Seek With Criminals

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One of the best ways for you to prevent a criminal from breaking into your house, vandalizing it or even stealing from your property is to make sure they have nowhere to hide. When you provide criminals with areas to hide in, they will feel safer and more comfortable while they are attempting to victimize you. This article will offer you some fantastic ways to win the game of hide and seek, as well as other tips for preventing a break-in:

Remove or cut back certain bushes

Some of your bushes may add to the look of your yard and not cause any problems, so you won't have to worry about them. The ones you should be concerned with are those that are in front of walkways, porches and windows. Thick and tall bushes will allow a criminal to do their dirty work without being spotted by anyone and this increases the chances of them successfully getting into your home.

Park your car under light

Make sure the driveway, or other parking area you have chosen to park your car in is well-lit. This will protect you from being confronted by a criminal in the shadows when getting out of your car at night and it will decrease the chances of having your car broken into.

Remove lattice around your front porch

A lot of people like to put lattice up around their porch because it provides the porch with shade. The problem is it also makes it harder for neighbors to see someone trying to break in your front door or for you to see someone hiding on your porch when you are returning home. You should consider removing the lattice and going with another option, such as a light screen or an awning.

Have a security system put in

Have a security system installed with cameras, so you can view the footage to know just what's going on around your home at all times.

Ask a locksmith for help

Once you feel you have done your best to provide a safer home for everyone who resides in it, you want to have a locksmith come out and double check everything for you. Along with spotting weak areas in the areas you have already gone over, they will also check all your locks and replace ones that need it. They can even repair or provide maintenance to your safes, if this is something you need done. 

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