Store A Variety Of Valuables In A Hidden Safe

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It can be perilous to leave valuables lying out in the open, especially if you have been stolen from before and have trust issues with just about everyone who you are affiliated with. But, what about if you own several different items that are of value, including cash, jewelry, and savings bonds? If you don't want to group everything together in a traditional safe, a hidden safe that contains shelves may be the security feature that you need.

Deposit Funds And Bonds If Desired

If you have a bank account, then maybe it would be best to deposit extra cash and savings bonds in an account so that you do not have to worry consistently about losing your assets.

If you are wary of banking or if you just feel better knowing that you can lay your hands on your earnings, then place all of the cash inside of a small, durable container and the bonds in another one. The containers will prevent the bills and documents from separating and possibly becoming lost. The containers can be neatly placed on one of the shelves in your new safe.

Learn About Different Types Of Hidden Safes

Hidden safes are often designed to divert one's attention with a feature that does not resemble a safe. For example, a hidden safe can be built directly into a wall and then have a picture, mirror, or wall hanging secured across the front of it. There are also models that are designed with a decoy theme.

A decoy safe can resemble a wall vent, book, vase, or just about any household object that a potential thief would not think twice about. The size and style of the safe that you purchase should reflect upon the amount of valuables that you will be storing and your level of comfort with a particular model.

Forego A Key And Dial

If you aren't keen about using a traditional key or remembering a code that needs to be input with a dial system, then you are in luck. Modern safes sometimes use programmed key cards.

A residential locksmith will assist with installing your new safe, providing you with information about how the safe operates, and programming your cards. It is best to have more than one card if you have multiple family members who will be granted permission to open the safe in an emergency. Keep the cards in a drawer or purchase a lanyard for each card.