Possible Reasons Your Door Lock Won't Operate Properly And How A Locksmith Can Help

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Problems with the lock on your entry door can be serious if you can't lock the door and your home isn't safe. Several things can go wrong with a door lock, and attempting DIY repairs will probably just waste time and may even do further damage. If your door lock is giving you trouble, consider calling a locksmith to repair it so you don't have to worry about home security issues or being locked out of your house. Here are some things that might be wrong with your door lock.

Dirt Or Debris Is Affecting The Lock

Sometimes, the locking mechanism is blocked by bits of debris that get in the way. This might be flaking rust or bits of wood that chip off the door and fall into the locking mechanism. Even dust and dirt can find their way inside a lock, especially if your key is dirty when you use it. A locksmith might fix this issue by cleaning out the lock with air or lubricant. However, it might be necessary to pull the lock out and examine it. If the lock is old and rusty, you might need to have a new lock put in.

The Bolt Is Out Of Alignment With The Strike Plate

When you turn the key of your lock, the bolt slides into and out of the strike plate. These have to be aligned properly for smooth operation. If the screws holding the strike plate work loose or if the lock gets loose, then the bolt may catch on the side of the plate rather than slide in smoothly. You'll probably notice that the door is hard to lock sometimes and easy other times. You should call a locksmith to fix this problem even if you can still get the door to unlock with multiple tries. Eventually, your door may get stuck and not lock or unlock at all, and then you'll have an emergency to deal with.

Parts Of The Lock Are Broken

A door lock gets a lot of wear and tear since it's used multiple times each day. A good lock should last for years, but it will eventually get worn out. A door lock has several small parts that you can't see, and if one of those is jammed or broken, then the lock won't work. When this happens, it's usually best to replace the entire lock rather than making repairs to an old lock.

A Key Is Broken In The Lock

If you have a key that's stuck in a lock or that's broken off in the lock, then you'll want to call a locksmith for help. Trying to force a key in or out is a good way to break it off and end up with a more serious problem. You might be able to fish a broken key out with a sturdy, thin wire, but getting a broken key out is often difficult to do. If the locksmith can't remove the broken key or if the lock was damaged when the key broke, then you might need to have a new door lock installed.

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