The Trouble With A Rotted Wood Door Frame: Why It's An Issue And When To Get It Repaired

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While opening and closing your front door, have you noticed it's starting to feel stuck? The door may be slightly jammed, making it harder to open or close within seconds as you usually would. When this happens, you could be dealing with rotted wood in the door frame, which will only worsen if untreated. The best thing to do is carefully inspect the door frame and then hire a door repair specialist to complete professional repair services that will improve the condition of your door frame.

How to Tell If You're Dealing With Rotted Wood in Your Door Frame 

Although most would think rotting wood is easy to detect, it's not that simple. When looking at your door frame, check for discoloration throughout the wood. If certain spots look darker than others, this could indicate rotted wood. However, other signs to look out for include cracks of various sizes and pieces of wood that appears to be shrinking. If you think the wood is rotting but aren't entirely sure, contact a door specialist to examine the frame for you.

What Can a Door Repair Specialist Do When You Have Rotting Wood in the Door Frame?

You may believe that if you're dealing with a rotted wooden door frame, you must remove and replace the entire thing, but this isn't necessarily the case. The exact steps a door repair expert takes will depend on the level of damage. By catching the problem earlier, it is possible to save several portions of the door frame.

Wood filler is one of the materials commonly used by repair specialists. It's typically applied to areas where the damage appears. Along with using wood filler, the specialists may need to replace bits and pieces of the door frame with new, fresh pieces of wood. If there is any cracked wood throughout the door frame, they may even patch and paint over it to create a protective layer to prevent more rot from appearing in the future.

Having a rotting wood door frame is problematic because it will eventually make it difficult to open and close your door with ease. If you continue to ignore the problem, it will worsen, and you may find it nearly impossible to close your door correctly. The best way to prevent further issues is to check the door frame for rotting wood and then receive assistance from a door repair professional who can focus on treating the problem at hand.

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