Wondering Who Is On Your Property After Hours? Get A Commercial Locksmith To Get You Locks You Can Monitor

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As a commercial property owner, it can be difficult to control and monitor who is going in and out of the building. If there have been some concerns inside the building about missing items, or employees being at the property after hours when they aren't supposed to be, it may be time to change the locks.

Instead of everyone having keys, you'll want to have a commercial locksmith update the locks with a more modern option. Here are options that should be at the top of the list when choosing new locks for the entrance doors.

Keycode Entry

There are several advantages to upgrading and installing this type of lock. Some of the advantages you will enjoy as a business owner include:

You will be able to override the locking system and keep the door locked if there is an emergency need and be able to unlock the door in a similar situation. With different keycodes for different employees, you will also be able to see what employees are accessing the building and at what times when others aren't there.

Magnetic Power  

Instead of a latch, the magnetic lock will work with an electromagnetic in the center. This will use an electrical current to create a strong electromagnetic field to seal, secure and lock. This is one of the most powerful holds, and it will recharge itself. Talk with the commercial locksmith that is evaluating your entrance doors about the type of magnetic lock and strength best for your property.

Added Security

You may also want to put a small camera on the outside of the door. An interior or exterior camera system is ideal for catching motion and activity. Many commercial locksmiths have security training and can help to install the cameras. You will have to alert employees that they are being recorded, but this is a way to minimize suspicious activity. Get a camera that records in HD and has 24-hour recording capabilities.

There are so many things that you have to worry about when you own a commercial property, and you are trying to run your business. If you need to monitor who is coming in and out of the property more closely, these are changes to make that not only make monitoring easier but also will improve the security features around your entrances.